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"Silverado" (just listed March 21, 2017 For Sale)

AKA "ADO" Extremely handsome Silver Dapple w/Cream gene colt Sired by Sir Keith and out of a quality imported Lion King and Hugo Boss Granddaughter!

This breeding was well thought out and planned for our future herd Stallion prospect, we wanted a BIG quality colt, correct riding/driving conformation with the best chances for massive bone, hair and feather genes and we got him plus more! He is silver dapple carrying a cream gene as well for a huge bonus.

DOB May 25, 2016

He has dreamy brownish, greenish eyes with some blue in one as well.

Look at the picture to the left to see the leg on him as a wee foal!

Our plans have changed, we are retiring from breeding and listing our farm for sale therefore our horses are now being listed to the best of forever homes.

For someone looking to add a quality colt to continue to raise as future herd Sire, also a superb Show prospect, this boy is it. Going to make whomever decides to finish raising this boy very proud to have such an animal. He moves beautifully, he is tall standing at approx 13.2 or taller at just 10 months old now (updated new pictures coming) the leg on him is amazing, going to be one to watch for the future for sure! Don't miss out on this opportunity.


*Priority to Show home but a Forever 5 star home is most important!

These pictures taken just before 6 months old~ he is amazing!

Pictures below is taken at 3.5 months old, his Dam Snowey is little over 14.2 hands Hugo Boss and Lion King Granddaughter. This colt is Sired by a big quality 14.3 hand Sir Keith!  He really has tremendous bone and height to him, the quality bloodline genes are born with him, has double mane, thick tail and with the heavy feather of both his parents in their bloodlines I expect this boy to have extreme feather but he is busy growing his amazing body before he is even 4 months old. (UPDATE- his feather has really come in this past winter, updated pictures coming soon, GORGEOUS BOY) One to watch as he matures, he is worthy of keeping him intact for the future. Bonus are his color genes, this boy has it all~

Watching him as a newborn and up below.

Sire~CC's Sir Keith (picture is a link to go to his site)               Dam ~ Snowey (Import) (picture is a link to go to her page)


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Life for horses on our farm-

Our horses are used to being pampered daily, loved on twice a day at least, groomed, stalled at night mostly in winters with Vermont below zero weather, medium weight waterproof blankets during winter turn out for the ones that don't grow heavy coats to keep them dry more then warmth. (Most have alot of hair to stay warm but I feel better if their backs are dry but blankets are optional, once one starts blanketing one must continue over the winter) I usually wait as long as I feel comfortable to promote growth of heavy winter coats. During turnout they always have shelters to get in from winds/cold should they choose. They also have fresh heated water troughs during winter, Hay in front of them at all times to munch on plus grained twice daily during winter to supplement anything hay could be missing.  (Nutrena Safe Choice a low carb, high fat grain with an added Omega Oils supplement) Mineral salt blocks free choice.

Spring, Summer, Fall they have shelters to get in to if they choose for shade and/or flies, rain/wind, shelters also serve purpose to keep water troughs cool in summers.
When Grazing pastures they are taken off grain (except for babies but the get less then winter grain depending on their body condition) they get fresh cold water daily. I have had no colic issues, no sickness and when they are happy, I am happy! A new home must offer the same or better :)

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 Click on names to see more info and pictures of "Silverado's" bloodlines- Dam- Snowey  Sire- Sir Keith Paternal Grandsire- St. Clarins Paternal Grandmare- CC's Saffron Candy

 Hugo Boss (scroll down on linked page to view the original Hugo Boss, Ado's maternal greatgrandsire.)

Lion King

Silverado aka ADO Sir Keith

St Clarins The Boss/The Business    
CiCi's Saffron Candy      
Diamonds in the Snow IMP aka Snowey A Lion King Son Lion King Black & White Stallion  
The PO Mare  
Hugo Boss Daughter Hugo Boss    
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