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     Mini Donkies Offered
               in "Pairs"
 for company of their own kind.
  Only donks speak donkie! 
All "donks" are spoken for ;)

SALE PENDING Milo- 2 yr old in Aug 2017 spotted mini gelding. Small lovable little donk, raised with a loving hand, rocked in my arms as a baby, sweetheart, family safe, no bad habits, halters, leads, picks up feet, loves attention. Sale Pending with his half sister Dottie. Pricing listed below. (nothing more adorable then a newborn mini donk)

COFFEE BEAN (aka CB) SALE PENDING 9 yr old tiny Brown/Black Jack (intact) Sire to Milo and any future babies coming. CB is a terrific little Jack donk, he is so sweet and gentle, halter, leads, picks up feet etc. with no bad habits. He loves attention, he will follow you around to be pet and loved on. He is presently running with "Dottie" for a 2018 mini donk foal.  Family safe but is a Jack so when running with his girls for breeding he can be excitable if they are in season. He is definitely the most sweetest easy going Jack around people. Contact for more info. Pricing listed below.

Nanna SALE PENDING 12 yr old sweet spotted mini donk in foal to CB for June 2017 mini donk baby (full sibling to Milo) She is a sweetheart, easy to handle, halters, leads, picks up feet and loves attention. Terrific mom, foals without complications, family safe. Would like to see her sell  with baby coming (Pricing listed below)

Dottie SALE PENDING  sweet 6 yr old spotted mini donk (presently running with CB for a 2018 mini donk foal) She is easy to handle, loves attention, halters, leads, picks up feet with no issues. Loves all the attention she can get. She makes a very nice family donk. (Pricing listed below)

I purchased a couple years ago (Nanna, Dottie and CB) together as pets instead of getting another doggie that I lost to cancer after 12 yrs. The mini donks are pretty special, they were my first donks and I could not be more happy with them. They are truly people oriented, love attention, they don't bite or kick, nothing bad and are easy keepers. These donks have brought me alot of joy, never thought of letting them go because they are comical and loving souls. However life changes is bringing me to offer them to terrific homes only, prefer forever homes as once you meet them, you will fall in love as I have! if a family is looking to add a donk I strongly advise they have another mini donk at home. It would be very sad to have a donk all alone or not with one of its own kind. They love eachother's company and they speak "donkie". No horse will speak like that ;)

References required, to great family homes only.