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"Shakira" (10 months old and her beauty continues to be breathtaking) Just listed! SOLD!

"Shakira" Palomino Silver Dapple Sabino Gypsy Filly offered to 5 Star forever home.

Born June 21, 2016 (tested, carries one silver dapple, one cream, one sabino gene)

This picture to the left was just taken March 21, 2017, she is phenominal! 

Dam "Ruby" is a quality all around max sabino Romeo granddaughter and Sire is "CC's Sir Keith". Shakira is a dream come true, surpassed my expectations. This was a well thought out, planned breeding of her dam and sire to put on the ground the best possible heavy quality foal I could with a chance of color for a bonus and Shakira got it all. This girl belongs in the show ring but most of all, the best forever home! $SOLD!

Updated photo's taken April 24, 2017

Pictures below at coming 5 months old, winter coat coming in and could not have done better. A real looker and so sweet!

This filly is very special, pictures are hard to see her sabino markings here with her foal winter coat starting to come in but she is a creamy palomino here (I contribute the lighter palomino coloring to her also carrying the silver dapple gene and winter hair growth coming in) Now at 9 months old with full winter coat I can see clearly in person her sabino markings just as clear as when she was a foal. (see top first picture, her color is coming back to what it was at birth, a darker palomino) Can not wait until she sheds out :)
I paired her gorgeous dam "Ruby" with "CC's Sir Keith" to get a top quality heavy, hairy beautiful Gypsy foal (in hopes for a filly from this pairing) Shakira is exactly what dreams are made of. 
This girl has her dams gorgeous little typey head and ears, her conformation is perfect, she has wonderful bone and so much thick feather, mane, forelock and tail. She is going to be one of the best quality Palomino mares in this Country! She also carries the prized silver dapple gene and cream gene as quite the perk.
I am offering this filly for sale only because I am going to be offering our farm for sale this year in hopes to sell, reduce property and semi retire which we had planned in 2014 when we sold most all of our Gypsies and Friesians but now two years later we are ready to get it done. We are offering all of our horses up for grabs to the best family homes. References will be required.


Two months old

Shakira newborn below with her Dam "Ruby"

Shakira's Dam "Ruby" is a Quality Red Max Sabino 5 yr old Gypsy mare, loads of hair/feather, stunning head
with little horn ears, Shakira has her dams wonderful head, dark eyes (but not brown nor blue) she has high sabino white legs, jagged sabino white face, she is perfect all around. Shakira is Sired by Sir Keith who needs no introduction, he was generous with his silver dapple gene and cream gene as Shakira got them both!
This filly is exactly what I had hoped for, a palomino silver dapple sabino and this is exactly what I got! The quality of conformation, bone, hair, feather and great temperament
was without doubt going to be there with this pairing, the color combo is a wonderful topping to such a nice Gypsy filly. I feel so lucky with the two foals in 2016 by Sir Keith and my two gorgeous mares, the pairings were without doubt the best choice!

Shakira's Sire 

  "Sir Keith"

Shakira's Dam
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Shakira Sir Keith St Clarins The Boss/The Business    
CC's Saffron Candy      
Ruby Tuesday WHR Simon      
Nautilus Ruby Slippers Clononeen Mull of Kintyre aka VV Romeo Joyce Stallion  
Daughter of the Lob The Lob
White Stone Berry    
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Life for horses on our farm-

Our horses are used to being pampered daily, loved on twice a day at least, groomed, stalled at night mostly in winters with Vermont below zero weather, medium weight waterproof blankets during winter turn out for the ones that don't grow heavy coats to keep them dry more then warmth. (Most have alot of hair to stay warm but I feel better if their backs are dry but blankets are optional, once one starts blanketing one must continue over the winter) I usually wait as long as I feel comfortable to promote growth of heavy winter coats. During turnout they always have shelters to get in from winds/cold should they choose. They also have fresh heated water troughs during winter, Hay in front of them at all times to munch on plus grained twice daily during winter to supplement anything hay could be missing.  (Nutrena Safe Choice a low carb, high fat grain with an added Omega Oils supplement) Mineral salt blocks free choice.

Spring, Summer, Fall they have shelters to get in to if they choose for shade and/or flies, rain/wind, shelters also serve purpose to keep water troughs cool in summers.
When Grazing pastures they are taken off grain (except for babies but the get less then winter grain depending on their body condition) they get cleaned troughs, fresh cold water daily. My horses are very people oriented, love attention, I prefer they go to homes that are not going to turn them out to pasture and forget about them. A home that will have no issues in affording to feed and care for them properly. I will also be picky as to pastures they are kept, fencing etc. If you don't have room or they are standing in a small paddock in mud consistently, please don't contact me, thank you!  I have had no colic issues, no sickness and when they are happy, I am happy! A new home must offer the same or better :)