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"SMOOCH" 3 year old Black Gypsy mare

Updated Photo's, pics taken April 24, 2017

Black beauty, well bred Registered purebred Gypsy 3 year old (DOB April 4, 2014) This stunning girl carries the well known quality bloodlines of the "Rose" line, "Lenny", "Lion King", "Bee's Knee's" and more... quite the asset to the discerning breeder and/or Show home (see her full pedigree below)
Smooch is a sweetheart, personable, loves attention, she is a bigger girl standing a big 14.2 as a coming 3 year old and she is not done maturing at just turning 3 this year.
I purchased Smooch as a weanling to raise for myself and she has surpassed my expectations in size/height, built to die for, movement breathtaking, quality hair/feather, gorgeous head! We are moving forward with offering our farm for sale to downsize property-semi retire, the last of my Gypsies deserve more attention, possibly a family wanting to Show, someone ready to finish raising these beauties that will have more time then I will. With that said I am offering this well bred gorgeous young Gypsy Mare For Sale to a 5 star family forever home Newly listed March 21, 2017 $15,000 References required.
The top and bottom photo here is March/April pics 2016 just turning a true two years old. Gorgeous head, sweet eyes, a true gem. The girls just came in running from pasture, they were all excited bucking, jumping and feeling good which made for exciting pictures! Smooch comes running when she's called. Still shedding her rusty tinted winter coat in these pictures, when all shed out she is a true Black!

Plenty of feather depending on terrain, three black feather legs! On our farm she crosses a sandy brook daily, plays in it which can wreak havoc on feather but I will add plenty of pictures from all times of the year so she can be shown for what she is:) Very nice conformation, powerful hind end, upright, sweet, beautiful head, soft eyes, thick mane, tail, forelock and she is still growing like crazy, still filling out (maturing) not a small girl, leggy, long strides, wonderful bone, perfect size for riding taped now at big 14.2. Of course she would look amazing driving a cart or carriage someday the way she carries herself very proud! All eyes would be attracted without doubt a star in her own right. Ready to start training and under saddle lightly Spring 2017.
2016 photo's of our Smooch below as a two year old ~

Registered within the Gypsy Vanner Society "RFM Gypsy Magics Tara Brooch"#GV03676
aka barn name "Smooch"

Smooch's Sire is a beautiful Black/White Stallion "LK Lennys Legacy" (an own son of DJ Lenny and his Dam is The Queens LK Heiress by Lion King and the Gypsy Queen)
Smooch's Dam is "Tanzy"
Sired by Bee's Knee's (by Fleetwood who is The Lob son)
Pedigree below-


Life for horses on our farm-

Our horses are used to being pampered daily, loved on twice a day at least, groomed often, stalled at night mostly in winters with Vermont below zero weather or mud season, medium weight waterproof blankets during winter turn out for the ones that don't grow heavy coats to keep them dry more then warmth. (Most have alot of hair to stay warm but I feel better if their backs are dry but blankets are optional, once one starts blanketing one must continue over the winter) I usually wait as long as I feel comfortable to promote growth of heavy winter coats. During turnout they always have shelters to get in from winds/cold should they choose. They also have fresh heated water troughs during winter, First cut Hay in front of them at all times to munch on plus grained twice daily during winter to supplement anything hay could be missing.  (Nutrena Safe Choice a low carb, high fat grain with an added Omega Oils supplement) Mineral salt blocks free choice.

Spring, Summer, Fall they have shelters to get in to if they choose for shade and/or flies, rain/wind, shelters also serve purpose to keep water troughs cool in summers.
When Grazing pastures they are taken off grain (except for babies but the get less then winter grain depending on their body condition and age) they get fresh cold water daily. I have had no colic issues, no sickness and when they are happy, I am happy! A new home must offer the same or better :)

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Pedigree (links to see pictures/more info are highlighted)


LK Lenny's Legacy

DJ Lennys Horse The White Horse Jo Wiltshires black/white  
Wiltshires mare  
The Black Mare The Lob H.C.'s White Horse
The Irish Filly
The Queens LK Heiress The Lion King

Son of Watsons Old Horse  
The PO Mare  
The Gypsy Queen Paddy  
WR Panda Rose Sids Good Stallion
 The Rose

*The Ambassador (aka Bee's Knee's)

Fleetwood The Lob H Connors White Stallion
The Irish Filly
Toyboy Daughter Toyboy Paddy
Pratt Mare
Eddies Mare  
*Derek's Girl (import) Farmers Stallion The Old Horse of Wales The Old Horse of Ireland
JC Mare
The White Faced Mare The Kent Horse
The Sweeper Mare
The Black Colt Foundation  
Midget Daughter Midget
Eastwood Filly
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