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"Nautilus Diamonds in the Snow" aka "Snowey" Imported

  (Lion King and Hugo Boss Granddaughter) 
English/Western Ride and Drive Registered Gypsy Mare
DOB April 1, 2006 A Gorgeous Big Quality 14.2 hand sweetheart.
Homozygous Tobiano, carries Black and Red gene, good bone, heavy feather!
Originally Imported from the Tom Price herd in Wales
Quality producer, wonderful mother, very respectful and easy to handle. This girl moves beautifully.
Newly listed $SOLD

Snowey has a beautiful powerful upright conformation, she is loaded with heavy feather up past her hocks/knee's and clear up to her rump cheeks. In comparison she is right there at the top of quality within heavy feather mares in this Country, she surpasses many Stallions as well. She is out of a "Hugo Boss" daughter and a "Lion King" son, it shows and these lines pass on to her foals.

She has been consistently ridden in the past, doesn't matter if she sits idle, she is dependable and a trusty mount. She also made a debut under saddle at the Equine Affaire in Mass.  few years back. She loves to trail, swim, will go out alone or with others. She comes when called (the reason why we have not changed her name, she knows it well). 
Proven terrific mother, foals out with no complications, we bred her AI to Sir Keith with one dose while as she was ovulating the day it arrived, she settled and gave us a gorgeous huge colt "Ado" in 2016. She was very generous with her qualities to her son. Put bone, size, heavy feather to her foals!

We are offering with heavy heart "Snowey" to a 5 Star forever home where she will get loads of attention, grooming, scratching, loved on and used for the whole family. We are going to be offering our farm for sale this year, we are very busy and my time is spread thin. I have not had the time I had hoped for to be riding (which is why we have left our mares open in hopes to be riding more often but life and other business is taking most my time) I will be very picky as to where she goes, references will be required. Thank you for your consideration on this great mare.

Updated photo's, pics taken April 24, 2017

Snowey with her newborn Ado 2016 in pencil.

Equine Affaire in Mass. (Photo by Elizabeth S. w/ permission)

Snowey with her gorgeous 2016 Silver Dapple cream gened huge colt!

Click here to see Snoweys paternal Grandsire the Lion King

Click here to see Snoweys maternal Grandsireon Stallions Hall of Fame page UK (scroll down on that page to see him) Hugo Boss

Big upright movement

Look at the size/leg of her colt as a wee one (he is huge!)

Look at Snoweys colt 11 mos old here! Amazing and what a big quality boy! Silverado is a smokey silver dapple colt (stallion prospect also carries a cream gene)

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Life for horses on our farm-

Our horses are used to being pampered daily, loved on twice a day at least, groomed, stalled at night mostly in winters with Vermont below zero weather, medium weight waterproof blankets during winter turn out for the ones that don't grow heavy coats to keep them dry more then warmth. (Most have alot of hair to stay warm but I feel better if their backs are dry but blankets are optional, once one starts blanketing one must continue over the winter) I usually wait as long as I feel comfortable to promote growth of heavy winter coats. During turnout they always have shelters to get in from winds/cold should they choose. They also have fresh heated water troughs during winter, Hay in front of them at all times to munch on plus grained twice daily during winter to supplement anything hay could be missing.  (Nutrena Safe Choice a low carb, high fat grain with an added Omega Oils supplement) Mineral salt blocks free choice.

Spring, Summer, Fall they have shelters to get in to if they choose for shade and/or flies, rain/wind, shelters also serve purpose to keep water troughs cool in summers.
When Grazing pastures they are taken off grain (except for babies but the get less then winter grain depending on their body condition) they get cleaned troughs, fresh cold water daily. My horses are very people oriented, love attention, I prefer they go to homes that are not going to turn them out to pasture and forget about them. A home that will have no issues in affording to feed and care for them properly. I will also be picky as to pastures they are kept, fencing etc. If you don't have room or they are standing in a small paddock in mud consistently, please don't contact me, thank you!  I have had no colic issues, no sickness and when they are happy, I am happy! A new home must offer the same or better :)